Who we are.

The company was established in 2016 under the name Optical Electronics as a technology start-up with 100% Polish capital. From the very beginning, we had a clear objective. It was an original idea to optimize lighting in commercial buildings, whose main element is the OptIMo controller. In 2018 we changed our name to Optimo Light in order to define more precisely the directions of develpment and the industry in which we operate.

Savings and comfort.

Thanks to dynamic light intensity measurement, the intelligent lighting fixtures adjust the amount of emitted light exactly to the needs of the user, giving optimum comfort of work, thus reducing energy consumption to the minimum necessary. Otimo Light solutions are ideal for offices, commercial buildings, car showrooms, halls and car parks.

Ecology. Green buildings.

The Optimo Light system complies with the highest quality standards and has the highest efficiency among the solutions reducing electricity consumption. Our lighting fixtures are LEED-compliant, achieving energy efficiency levels below 6.8 W/m2 with current lighting standards.
With our system we are able to reduce light pollution and CO2 emissions by reducing electricity demand.

Our partners confirm: 71% less energy consumption!

The reduction in electricity consumption due to the use of Optimo Light system reaches 71% compared to the same LED lighting fixtures without OptIMo control. The solution was tested, among others, in Budimex headquarters in Warsaw by Budimex Innowacje and by PKO BP implementation department in the bank?s headquarters in Warsaw.

Safety and security.

The Optimo Light system is designed and manufactured in Poland. We use the highest quality components and sub-assemblies with the safety of work and users in mind.
Our solution is protected by a patent issued by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under the number P.419281.