Intelligent lighting.
Optimo Light.

OPTIMO Light, the intelligent lighting system of the building, was created to ?optimize the light?. How have we achieved this? We have combined sensors, electronic systems, control processors, power supply and an efficient LED light source. This is how the OptIMo control module was developed. The heart of the system.

OptIMo control module.

Thanks to a system of photoelectric and optical sensors, the module collects data on light conditions at a designated point in the space with high frequency. With proprietary software and an innovative controller, it processes information and dynamically regulates the parameters of the Optimo Light intelligent lighting fixture.

Movement under control.

Motion detectors switch on the lighting fixture only when it is needed. But that?s not all. With our proprietary algorithm, we have eliminated the discomfort of sudden, abrupt switching off the light. The light goes out slowly enough for the human eye not to be able to register it. The lighting fixture is switched on immediately.
Using a presence sensor and an algorithm that makes it impossible to turn on the lighting fixture with sufficient external light intensity, we eliminate one of the causes causing the greatest loss of electric energy ? user error.

The sun is energy (saved).

The OptIMo module automatically adjusts the intensity of a light source according to its location and current lighting conditions. Lighting fixtures by the windows do not have to shine at 100% of their efficiency, 50% during the day is enough, and on sunny days they will be switched off completely.
In Optimo Light products we use the most efficient and modern light sources, e.g. OSRAM LED with light efficiency up to 210 lm/W.

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Self-control. Autocalibration. Accuracy.

The OptIMo module calibrates itself by adjusting the intensity of the light source to the environment. If the color of walls, desks or type of carpet changes in a room, the characteristics of the lighting fixture will automatically adjust to the new lighting conditions.
The controller?s proprietary algorithm allows to measure light intensity regardless of the distance between the sensor system and the measurement point. Thanks to this, the lighting fixture guarantees a very precise amount of emitted light in the designated place.